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Coventry Fire District 2023 to 2024 budget ADOPTED.

**Coventry Fire District Prioritizes Fiscal Responsibility and Public Safety in 2023-2024 Budget**


Coventry, Rhode Island -  November 15th 2023


The Coventry Fire District is pleased to announce its commitment to maintaining fiscal prudence while ensuring enhanced public safety measures in the 2023-2024 budget. Opting to maintain the same tax levy as the previous year, the district aims to level fund operations, recognizing the growing financial responsibilities faced by our community.


The recalculated tax rate of $1.88, down from $2.39, takes into account increased property values, providing relief for taxpayers while enabling the Fire District to meet essential financial requirements. This responsible fiscal approach allows for strategic allocation of resources towards critical capital improvements and necessary upgrades within the station.


Included in this budget are vital enhancements such as the rebuilding of the second-floor living quarters and the repair of the apparatus bay floor. These renovations are pivotal in ensuring a safe and efficient environment for our dedicated firefighters, enabling them to better serve the needs of Coventry residents.


Moreover, the forthcoming year heralds the arrival of a new fire/rescue pumper, which will also function as a squad, expanding our firefighting capabilities. In addition, the district is anticipating the delivery of a new ambulance, further fortifying our emergency response services.


The Coventry Fire District remains steadfast in its commitment to fiscal responsibility without compromising the safety and well-being of our residents. Through prudent financial management and strategic planning, we continue to prioritize public safety initiatives and essential infrastructure upgrades to better serve our community.


### About Coventry Fire District:


The Coventry Fire District is dedicated to providing exceptional fire protection, emergency medical services, and public safety initiatives to the residents of Coventry, Rhode Island, Anthony District.

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